EKT is located in the heart of some of the richest resource deposits in the world, with the Red Lake gold deposits, palladium, iron ore, and the highly touted Ring of Fire all within close reach of our head office.

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Pulp & Paper

EKT offers decades of experience serving Pulp and Paper, from paper machine installations and batch and continuous digester swaps to emergency shut-down service.

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Maintenance Shutdowns

We take great pride in our planning and execution of maintenance shutdowns. We work closely with the client to schedule the work to optimize manpower and reduce idle time when changes occur.

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Pipe Fabrication

Pipe fabrication, quality control, and pipefitting expertise across a range of industries.

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Power Generation & Turbines

EKT has installed and maintained steam turbines across Canada, including constructability of water powered turbines.

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EKT has installed equipment with lifts up to 150 tons. In addition, hydraulic lift systems have been used to raise 800 ton equipment in order to install maintenance-related items.

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Precision Alignment

EKT has optical and laser aligning equipment to set turbine carbon rings, align shafts for gear boxes and motors, and laser equipment to operating equipment to improve productivity and reduce maintenance.

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Material Handling

From 80 ton chip stacker/reclaimers to wood wafers, mire ore, logs, bark, coal, potash, wood pellets and grain, even small baggage handling conveyors, we have a wide variety in conveying equipment.

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Pipe Installation

EKT has installed pipe spools from our own shop as well as customer supplied pipe and fittings across Canada. Projects range from ‘clean’ to heavy industrial process and high pressure steam piping.

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